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On 14 June, the tenth edition of the “Little Wimbledon” lawn tennis tournament organized by Tennis Club TC 1899 Blau-Weiss Berlin is set to take a...


Buyers of residential properties in Berlin are not happy at having to shell out real estate transfer tax of six per cent. For a property worth...


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Charlottenburg is Berlin at its finest: glamour and the hustle and bustle of urban life rub shoulders with culture and homely comforts. Buy an apartment in a part of Berlin with an unbeatable quality of life and be seduced by the variety of restaurants, fashion boutiques, traditional bars and cafés, as well as a broad cultural attractions and a relaxed and extravagant lifestyle.

Prenzlauer Berg is more popular than ever: Home to Germany's most extensive, turn-of-the-twentieth-century selection of Wilhelminian properties, Prenzlauer Berg is equally loved by its residents and visitors. Walking along the streets makes you feel like you have stepped back in time, or walked into a painting! A stroll around Kollwitzplatz is all you need to see the wealth of renovated buildings, originally dating back to the turn of the twentieth century - beautiful stucco facades and wide, landscaped sidewalks included.

There is a hardly a more glamorous and exclusive residential district in Berlin than Dahlem, in the north east of the Steglitz-Zehlendorf suburbs. For those who are seeking a peaceful and sophisticated neighborhood, but don't want to sacrifice metropolitan flair, buying an apartment in Dahlem is definitely the right choice. If you want to spend time relaxing outdoors, surrounded by greenery, this is also the place for you.

Situated in Berlin's south, in close proximity to the downtown City West region, Schöneberg was once home to a vibrant creative, intellectual and left wing scene. Today, it is an area with many facets. In the Bayerischen Viertel (Bavarian Quarter), one row of magnificent buildings follows another, and the luxurious Tauentzienstraße is home to both exclusive shops and high-quality living space. These two parts of Schöneberg are amongst the most desirable residential areas in the whole of Berlin. 

No other part of Berlin more synonymous with luxurious living than Berlin-Grunewald. An extensive suburb characterized by its villas, tree-lined streets, landscaped squares and open, green spaces, Grunewald has a population of around 10,000 and is not too far from Berlin's famous Kurfürstendamm. A further indicator of the suburb's exclusivity: This is one of the few districts to be able to claim that house and apartment sizes are on average amongst the largest in the city.

Steglitz is a district in the southwest of Berlin with a population of around 72,000. Anyone who decides to buy a condominium in Steglitz, is choosing to live in a district that combines Berlin's big city life with a closeness to nature like nowhere else in the city. An attractive urban landscape and wide range of shops are just as much a part of Steglitz as the forest areas of the Grunewald with its numerous lakes.

Around 77,500 residents have already acquired a taste for it: Life in Lichterfelde is something special. The district, which borders with Berlin-Steglitz, is defined by its generously proportioned gardens, narrow streets, cobble-stone roads and, of course, its imposing villas and detached houses. Due to its location on the outskirts of the city, life takes a slightly more leisurely pace. Anyone who buys an apartment here will certainly appreciate the tranquil atmosphere. 

Those who decide to buy an apartment in Wilmersdorf move into a district that bridges the gap between glamor and culture, pulsating city life and traditional comfort. Its residents experience every facet of Germany's city. It is not just many of Berlin's inhabitants who dream of an apartment in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. If you live here, your apartment will be a mere stone's throw from some of Berlin's most impressive landmarks, such as Kurfürstendamm and the ruins of the Gedächtniskirche.

Berlin-Mitte is anything but homogenous and boring. Chic and sophisticated buildings; multicultural and metropolitan atmosphere; green and quiet; creative and colorful - the list of adjectives that can be used to describe Berlin-Mitte is almost endless. The district is home to countless of Berlin's defining features: the Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz with its TV Tower, the magnificent Unter den Linden boulevard, the Reichstag parliament building, the Rotes Rathaus city hall, the zoo, the cathedral - and these are by no means all.

Life is good in Zehlendorf: Buying an apartment here means you will have no trouble enjoying life to the full. Stepping out of your door and strolling along the streets, you will come across exquisite wine handlers, upscale restaurants with rich traditions and markets or well-stocked grocery stores that offer high-quality products from the region. And for anyone desiring green spaces close to where they live, whether for walking or sport in the open-air, in Zehlendorf, you are spoilt for choice. 

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