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Buying an apartment for sale in Berlin means investing in a piece of history while enjoying the fast-paced contemporary lifestyle of one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world. The German capital combines urban cultural amenities and local recreation areas – from Tempelhofer Feld to Tiergarten and Grunewald – that are unique in Europe. Every district has its own distinctive charm and this metropolis is large enough to accommodate a wide variety of lifestyle choices.
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Current Properties

Just a few left
Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

74 Apartments in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg/ Stargarder Strasse

ca. 30-149 m² | from 86.000 €
Berlin Wilmersdorf

28 Apartments in Wilmersdorf, Berliner Strasse/ Landhausstrasse

ca. 39-190 m² | from 85.000 €
Berlin Steglitz

39 Apartments in Berlin Steglitz, Peschkestrasse

ca. 30-124 m² | from 80.000 €
Berlin Schöneberg

23 Apartments in Schöneberg, Vorbergstrasse

ca. 46-166 m² | from 114.975 €
Berlin Charlottenburg

12 Apartments in Berlin Charlottenburg, Thrasoltstrasse

ca. 64-95 m² | from 178.304 €
Just a few left
Berlin Wilmersdorf

31 Apartments in Wilmersdorf, Badensche Strasse

ca. 39-169 m² | from 112.520 €
Berlin Charlottenburg

58 Apartments in Charlottenburg, Niebuhrstrasse

ca. 30-165 m² | from 80.136 €
Berlin Charlottenburg

38 Apartments in Berlin Charlottenburg, Knobelsdorffstrasse

ca. 27-110 m² | from 94.875 €
Berlin Mitte

20 Apartments in Berlin Mitte, Schwartzkopffstrasse

ca. 43-120 m² | from 103.402 €
Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

74 Apartments in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg/ Gleimviertel, Gleimstrasse

ca. 31-112 m² | from 77.750 €
Berlin Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf/ Dahlem, Messelstrasse

12 Apartments in der Messelstrasse Berlin Dahlem

ca. 92-146 m² | from 350.000 €
Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

8 Apartments in Berlin Grunewald, Reinerzstrasse

ca. 105-190 m² | from 325.000 €
Berlin Zehlendorf

12 Apartments in Berlin Zehlendorf, Eiderstedter Weg

ca. 80-204 m² | from 245.303 €
Berlin Steglitz/Lichterfelde

11 Apartments in Berlin Steglitz/ Lichterfelde, Krumme Strasse

ca. 55-136 m² | from 155.008 €

If you are contemplating the purchase of a property, Berlin deserves consideration.

PART B will help you with all issues surrounding the purchase of an apartment in Berlin – whether or not you have prior experience in the purchase of real estate. We can relieve you of all the legal and technical problems that other people have to grapple with when they purchase a property.

What you really need, if you want to purchase a property in Berlin, is a reliable partner – one who knows the city well and can predict the development of its various sub-markets. This is because when you purchase a property today, you should already be thinking that you may want to sell it again in ten or twenty years.

But as one can’t expect to be equally familiar with all locations on the planet, PART B focuses just on a single market. If you are looking to purchase an apartment in Berlin, you have come to the right place. While our members of staff may have global knowledge, it is in Berlin that they are really at home. Make the acquaintance of our experienced and highly motivated team, and ask us any questions you may have about buying a property, about Berlin or concerning its various districts and residential areas. We look forward to hearing from you!

Berlin has made its mark as a European metropolis.

Anyone who leaves Berlin out of account when contemplating the purchase of a property needs to have good reasons. In addition to the comparatively attractive house prices, the city on the Spree has quite a bit to offer on the cultural front. Three opera houses, more than 20 theatres, around 100 cinemas, museums with world-famous collections and countless clubs and restaurants – these are just a few arguments in favour of acquiring a property in Berlin.

And apart from culture, the economy of the German capital is booming. Strong pillars of the economic development of the city are the constantly growing streams of tourists, the favourable conditions for the launch of creative new companies (which have earned Berlin the soubriquet of ‘the European Silicon Valley’), a powerfully competitive industrial sector and above all the construction industry. All these factors are creating new jobs, with the result that the population is growing. According to the Berlin Senate, by 2030 there will be 150,000 new jobs created in the centre of Berlin alone. Over the same period the population of Berlin is expected to increase by a quarter of a million. Because at the same time the rate of new construction is still very muted, it makes the search for an apartment in Berlin all the more difficult. In a survey of the Urban Land Institute in partnership with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Berlin emerged as the clear winner in the eyes of the property investors taking part in one respect – as a recommended location for purchase. In no other European metropolis have more experts advised in favour of purchasing a freehold property.

What are the arguments for acquiring a freehold property in Berlin?

Evidence that investing in a Berlin property pays off may be found if we look at the development of property prices in recent years. The residential property market in Berlin is currently experiencing the sharpest rise in rents and purchase prices for two decades. In the year 2012, the average rent of an apartment on the free market rose by more than 13 percent – and it has continued to rise since. This is the conclusion of Investment Bank Berlin, in its annual residential property market report. The strongest growth is to be found in the markets for freehold apartments and apartment blocks. When it comes to the location, the attractive inner city districts of Berlin are in most demand – but the demand for property is rising in other areas as well.

Of course when you are purchasing a freehold apartment, you should not deprive yourself of any options. But if you want to invest your money securely, above all in these uncertain times of the euro crisis, you can still purchase a plot or a freehold apartment in the German capital. According to estimates of the panel of land value experts, Berlin is definitely attractive in real estate terms, not just for institutional investors but also for private purchasers looking for an apartment of their own. You too can benefit from the long-term investment potential of a freehold apartment in Berlin!

Your benefits with a freehold apartment in Berlin at a glance:

  • Berlin’s booming economy is creating new jobs, which contribute to population growth.
  • By 2030 the number of inhabitants of Berlin will increase by around 250,000.
  • As the rate of new building is still low, residential property in Berlin continues to be scarce.
  • A freehold apartment in Berlin means security and insurance against inflation in times of troubled financial markets.
  • Experts expect that the value of a freehold apartment in Berlin will continue to rise in coming years.
  • This means that if you purchase a property now, you can benefit from the likely rise of property values in the capital.
  • Freehold property prices are still comparatively low compared with the rest of Europe, and accordingly offer good prospects of returns.

Part B will help you find your own personal bit of Berlin

Part B will give you all the information you need if you are interested in investing in a freehold apartment in Berlin, and would like to familiarise yourself with the cultural diversity of the city. We are aware that Berlin is a vast and versatile metropolis – and the same is true of its property market. Our team consists of experts who know the capital intimately and have had many years of experience on the Berlin market. We are acquainted with the trends in supply and demand, and will be happy to help you if you have any questions about the purchase of a freehold property in Berlin.

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