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Buying a 1-bedroom Apartment in Berlin with Part-B Immobilien

There are plenty of reasons to make your home in Berlin and even more reasons to consider buying a home. There’s never been a better time to buy an attractive apartment with 1 bedroom and a living room in Berlin – read more to find out why buying your own apartment in Berlin is the right choice!

With rents continuing to rise in Berlin, finding a room in a shared house or apartment has become increasingly tough in recent years. That’s why more and more young people – whether couples or individuals – are looking to buy 1-bedroom apartments to move into their own four walls and get a foot on the housing ladder. Charlottenburg and Prenzlauer Berg are among the most popular districts. Charming apartments in pre-war buildings feature well-appointed kitchens and bathrooms as well as high ceilings and double doors. Despite purchase prices going up as well, buying an apartment is still a more affordable option than keeping up with ever increasing rental prices. Owning your home in Berlin, one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, is an investment that will continue to pay off.

Affordable 1-bedroom apartments for sale: something for everybody

1-bedroom apartments are the perfect choice for individuals or couples. From commuters, students, recent graduates just starting their first job and pensioners living on their own, the demand for 1-bedroom apartments is huge. Figures published by the Federal Office of Statistics show that smaller apartments have started becoming increasingly popular in recent years. With the size of the average household going steadily down, 1-bedroom apartments are more in demand than ever. That’s what makes buying a 1-bedroom apartment such a great investment opportunity. 

A cosy and low-maintenance 1-bedroom apartment in a pre-war building in the city centre is a convenient option for many urbanites. In central locations like Kreuzberg or Mitte, homeowners spend much of their time out and about, exploring the many cafés, bars and boutiques in their multi-faceted neighbourhoods. A 1-bedroom apartment in Berlin is the perfect base to experience life to the full in the German capital. 

Buying a 1-bedroom apartment in Berlin is a great long-term investment

The value of residential properties in Berlin has been steadily on the rise for years, making Berlin an attractive market for capital investors. Despite the upward trend, purchase prices for apartments are still low compared to other major European cities. Investors from in- and outside Germany are starting to exploit the potential of the Berlin housing market by relocating their direct investments to the German capital. This means that if you buy a 1-bedroom apartment today, chances are you may be able to sell it at a profit tomorrow. Buying an apartment in Berlin is a promising investment opportunity for owner-occupiers and investors alike. 

The high demand for residential properties is expected to keep rising for the foreseeable future. As more and more people move to Berlin, the population keeps growing. Many of them are young people or families, who come to the capital to start their careers and look for small studio or 1-bedroom apartments. 

Our Part-B Immobilien team will be delighted to help you find a 1-bedroom apartment that meets your needs and expectations. Just contact us to ask for a consultation!