Social Media Led the Path to Success – Part-B Immobilien Announces Design Competition Winner

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Berlin, 25 September 2014 – In July, Part-B Immobilien used Facebook and specialist blogs to invite design and architecture students as well as (emerging) designers and architects to take part in a design competition. The competition, which received a large number of high-quality entries, is delighted to announce that the award goes to Berlin-based architect Thomas Nurna. Participants faced the challenge of creating a new colour and design concept for one of Part-B’s residential properties in Berlin-Grunewald. Founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of Skjerven Group, Part-B Immobilien GmbH lists and sells apartments in prime locations across Berlin. The winning design concept will now be implemented and rewarded with a cash prize of €10,000.   

The winner Thomas Nurna, who just finished his Master’s degree at Beuth Academy for Engineering in Berlin in April of this year, is overjoyed to receive the cash award as well as some unreservedly positive feedback from his first-ever client. Jürgen Kriegisch, managing director of Part-B Immobilien, praised Nurna for his “overall concept, its feasibility, its integration into the built environment and for taking the concept’s appeal to the target audience into consideration. And of course its originality and degree of innovation.” 

In his winning entry, the young Berlin-based architect not only reimagined the colour and design concept for the exterior façade. He also redesigned the property’s entryways, stairwells and thoroughfare and submitted material and design proposals for doorbell panels, letterboxes, handrails, skirting boards, flooring and even the entryway roof. Thomas Nurna’s winning design concept re-envisages the property in classic whites and greys accentuated by contemporary stainless steel and cherry wood features. (Visualizations are available on request or by clicking this link:



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